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Product no.: FN00119SL

The FlipPad Slimline is the antimicrobial low-profile case for the Apple 9.7 iPad® Pro, the iPad Air 2 and iPad Air 1. Built to stay clean, the FlipPad has a wipe-clean design, chemically resistant materials and is the only iPad case with an antimicrobial, impact resistant glass screen. The low profile body (0.8” thick) is designed to be carried in hand luggage or used with a multi-charge dock.

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Product no.: FN00120SE

The FlipPad Secure works with the iPad 2018 ( 6th gen ) the iPad 2017 ( 5th Gen) and the older iPad Air 2 and iPad Air1. This is our most versitile product and even works with the iPad Pro 9.7 with the Apple Pen The product number is FN00120SE and it is our latest Model

  • SecurePack uses special security bolts. Custom Bolts are avialabe on request and are chargeable
  • SmartWater Option Available on request.


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Product no.: FN00121SS

The FlipPad Slimline Secure is for hospitals who want to secure their SlimLine to a security mount or gantry. The FlipPad Slimline secure can lock your iPad 2018 or iPad 2017 inside the case and it can be secured inside an Ergotron Vesa mount. Ideal for patient entertainment services or public facing reception areas. The hospital can select a SmartWater option Pack for extra security. This is a genetically coded solution that is painted on the FlipPad. It glows under ultraviolet light and is coded uniquely for your hospital.

The FlipPad Slimline Secure can be mounted in the Ergotron Over bed Table for patient entertainment services. Similar to the video below:

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Product no.: FPS00118GBR
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Product no.: iPad10x
Healthcare doctors and nurses are using the iPad in a hospital environment. Our new IBioShield™ iPad 10X case for the iPad 10.2 also works with the iPad 10.5 Pro and the new iPad Air 2019, and complements our successful line of cases for earlier iPad models. 
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